Satellite Observations in the Drake Passage

Previous results showing the amazing dynamics on both sides of the Shackleton transverse ridge, especially in the Ona Basin:  "Satellite observations of fronts in the Drake Passage: Implications for carbon cycling" by M. Kahru & B.G. Mitchell, a paper presented at Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, February, 2006


  Mean Chl-a in October for 1997-2005. The Southern Ocean south of the Subantarctic Front with the mean location of the Polar Front (PF, white curve) and the southern boundary of the ACC (black curve). From: Kahru, M., B. G. Mitchell, S. T. Gille, C. D. Hewes, and O. Holm-Hansen, Eddies enhance biological production in the Weddell-Scotia Confluence of the Southern Ocean, Geophys. Res. Let., 34, L14603, doi:10.1029/2007GL030430, 2007. PDF

The red box shows the location of the righthand panel.

Chl-a dynamics during the start of the spring bloom in October, 2011. The black circle shows the epicenter of the startup bloom that is west of the Elephant Island where the Shackleton transverse ridge ends. 



 The visualization of satellite data were made using software from Wimsoft (