WIM Automation Module (WAM)

This is a major addition to the tools available for WIM users.
WAM allows to automate repetitive tasks by using easy-to-use GUI programs (e.g. wam_series, wam_statist, wam_match) or flexible command-line programs. You can also write your own scripts by modifying the existing ones. For example, in order to read the scientific dataset number 2 from a HDF file (e.g. chlorophyll from Aqua L2_LAC files) and save it as a JPEG image you need the following 2 lines of code:

Image img = Image.OpenHDF( "FileName.hdf", 2 );
img.Save( "FileName.jpg", SaveFileType.JPEG );

That's it! Another line of code does the remapping, another line of code creates the coastlines image, etc. With just a few lines of code you can do this for ALL matching files in a folder with a single command. This is the power of WAM!

A table of available WAM functions is shown here but for detailed information please see the WAM manual in HTML or PDF.

WAM is like a programming environment for running repetitive tasks on all kinds of images.
You don't have to be a programmer to use it: WAM includes many sample programs that are
ready to use with minimal modification or no modification at all.

A typical usage of WAM is creating many GIFs or JPEGs of your area of interest.
After you have a large number of those, it is fun (and quite informative) to create animated GIFs (movie loops) of those images. For example, it takes only minutes to create the following animated GIFs. To see the animation, click on the image.

A more challenging task that is easy to solve with WAM is to create anomaly images that show the difference of the current time period from the long-term mean.
As a first step, you need to create the "mean" and then calculate the difference from the mean or the ratio to the mean. A WAM script wam_anomaly doees all that with a single command!

Two sample movie loops below show SeaWiFS chlorophyll and AVHRR SST anomalies for the California Current. Please be patient as the files are big and may take time to download.
To see the animations, click on the image.

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