Course of satellite oceanography using WIM/WAM

The best way to learn WIM is by doing practical exercises. Satellite oceanography course using WIM/WAM is usually given in 3-4 days and for 10-30 students. Shorter (e.g. 1 day) or longer versions (e.g. 1-2 weeks) are also possible. A sample course  in 4 days has the following components:

Setup and Introduction

Getting started
Ocean color science
Ocean color for HABs
Introduction to satellite ocean color

Computer tips

Day 1

Image analysis with WIM

Exercises with WIM/WAM

Detecting HABs with ocean color

Ocean color data

Processing ocean radiometry data

Day 2

Making base maps

Exercises with L2 satellite data

Exercises with L2 IOP data

Exercises with L2 matchups

L2 batch processing

Batch files for L2 processing

Merging L2 Chl and SST data

OLCI Level-2 data

SGLI Level-2 data

Data subscription processing

Day 2/Level 1B

Using MODIS Level-1B 250 m data

Exercises with MODIS 250 m

Exercises with MODIS 250 m short

Exercises with MODIS 250 m Automation

Exercises with ASTER data

Day 3

Available ocean color data

Available SST data

Time series of satellite data (lecture)

Time series of L3 satellite data

Time series of L3 satellite data - movie; movie for South China Sea

Introduction to Altimetry

Sea level anomaly

Exercises with altimetry data

Tutorial on compositing

Introduction to compositing

Exercises on anomalies, EOF, PC

Introduction to anomalies, EOF, PC

Exercises on EOF and PC; examples on South China Sea, California, JES

Exercises with NG SST data

Day 4

Edge detection

Edge detection short

Detection of change 2015

Detection of change_2015_short

Primary productivity

Primary productivity - short

Validation 2015

Validation 2015_short

Time series 2013

Time series 2013 presentation

Variance and anomalies

Merging SST data


Detecting HABs

Merging SST


Each student or a pair of students needs access to a PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. A DVD with both the WIM and WAM software and loads of satellite data is distributed to all the participants. This course includes both lectures and practical tutorials but the emphasis is on practical exercises. Examples of various projects performed using WIM and WAM are shown here.

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