How to Get Started?

Installing WIM or WIM/WAM is simple. If you have downloaded the setup file wim64.msi or wam64.msi you can simply double-click on it. Note - these are the 64-bit versions. The old 32-bit versions are no longer supported.

Note that in order to install WIM or WIM/WAM the user needs to have Administrator permissions.

After accepting the terms of the License Agreement please select the Typical setup type.

The setup program makes a new directory (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Wimsoft ), copies all required files, makes shortcuts, registers the program and all files for uninstalling.

When you run WIM for the first time you are requested to type in your license number that you received with your order. If you change the hardware configuration of your computer or re-install Windows™ you will need to enter the license number again.

If you installed WIM with the evaluation license then you have to receive and enter the final license number in order to continue using WIM beyond the evaluation period.

When loading an image for the FIRST time:

  • Make sure that you open it with the correct "Files of type" option, e.g., if the file type is HDF then the selected file type must be HDF (default). If you don't see your file in the folder then it may have an extension that is not currently among the default extensions for that file type. Try to locate it with *.* first and if this is a standard extension for your files, modify the Extensions tab for that file type in the Settings menu.
  • It is useful to have the "List of Images" (View-Image List from the Menu) open at all times.

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